Gay Travel FAQs

Is homosexuality illegal in Mexico?

No, Mexico decriminalized homosexuality in 1871. The Mexican Supreme Court has ruled in favor of LGBT rights by striking down old laws that discriminated against LGBT people, including legalizing gay marriage (the first country in Latin America to do so) and sanctioning adoptions by same-sex couples.

How do you say “top,” “bottom,” or “versatile” in Spanish?

In this part of Mexico you’d ask ¿Que rol eres?” (What’s your role?). And to answer you’d respond with:

Top: Activo

Bottom: Pasivo

Versatile: Inter

Which gay social apps are popular in Mexico?

Scruff, Grindr and Tinder are the most active in Cabo, partly because there are a ton of gay travelers visiting from the U.S. and Canada, on any given day, they outnumber the gay locals.

Time Zone?

Mountain Time. Cabo observes daylight savings time.

Can I get by with English?

Yes, you can get by with English–employees of the resorts and tourism industry all speak English and oftentimes other languages. The official language is Spanish. Locals love it when people make an effort to speak Spanish but no one will throw shade your way if you can’t. It’s part of the culture to find a way to communicate, even if it requires a game of Charades.


The Mexican Peso is the official currency, American dollars are also commonly accepted but you will not benefit from the exchange rate.

Can I drink the water?

Major hotels and restaurants offer purified water. Water comes from the surrounding mountains, filtered through natural sand beds. Many resorts desalinate and purify their own water on property. Bottled water is also available everywhere.